Stress urinary incontinence is urine loss during activities,when intraabdominal pressure is increased,such as lifting weight,coughing,sneezing,laughing,running,even during the sexual intercourse.This condition has severe impact on the everyday life of the woman ,physically,phychologically and socially.
About 24-29% of women suffer from SUI after the first birth.The mean age of appearance is 35-50 years.
Until recently,the only solution was the classic surgery,that requires anesthesia,is painful,has possibly significant complications and cannot be repeated in case of recurrence.
Now,with Juliet laser treatment stress urinary can be treated without pain,effectively,without unwanted complications.
The patient can return to their activities immediately after the treatment (lunch break therapy ).
Usually,2 sessions of 20-30 min duration are required.The therapy is highly effective and the results are long –lasting.