Slide Θεραπευτικό Laser The first Juliet Laser system in Greece
Immediate long lasting results
Painless and bloodless treatment
Without anesthesia


Different ages of woman΄s life is associated with a variety of vaginal conditions,such as vaginal laxity,vaginal dryness and dyspareunia (painful sexual intercourse) and stress urinary imcontinence.These may strongly affect the quality of life of a woman,physically,psychologically and sexually.
Childbirth,especially natural and menopause have strong impact to the vaginal tissues.
All these unpleasant conditions tend to worsen over time.That means,that they are not temporary and they are not going to disappear,if not treated.
Until recently,all these conditions were considered to be a consequence of the aging process of the woman and the treatment was undergone in only very rare cases.
The traditional surgical or pharmacological treatments have a high risk of side effects,are painful and usually require anesthesia and hospitalization.
Now,with Juliet treatment (Erbium YAG laser) the treatment is minimally invasive,painless,effective,with minimal down-time and very effective.

What is the Juliet treatment?

Juliet is a minimally invasive treatment,the goal of which is to restore the original metabolism of connective tissue and improve the state of the mucosa by stimulating process of neocollagenesis.This leads to a restoration of the mucosal structure,of the natural pH ,increasing its flexibility.The result is effective and discrete treatment of significant vaginal problems,such as dryness,laxity and the stress urinary incontinence.

How does the Juliet treatment work?

The objective of the treatment is to reach the submucosal tissue of vagina,which is elastic and rich in collagen and can be stimulated selectively,without damaging the surrounding tissue.Due to the special characteristics of its wavelength,the Erbium YAG laser is able to reach this goal in a very fast and effective way,avoiding any damage of the surrounding tissue.

Can every woman undergo a Juliet laser treatment?

Overall,women of all ages ,who suffer from stress urinary incontinence,vaginal dryness or vaginal laxity can undergo the treatment.Before performing the treatment,your doctor will firstly rule out the presence of local or systemic disease.Gynecological examination is required prior the therapy.
Also,the Juliet treatment can be performed after the labour ,to prevent future problems of urinary incontinence and vaginal laxity

Is the treatment painful?

The treatment is not painful at all.The procedure is performed by a gynecologist in a medical office.No anesthesia is required,since neither incisions or sutures are performed.The procedure lasts approximately 15 minutes( lunch break therapy),is painless,fast,effective and discrete.

How many sessions are necessary?

In most cases,two therapeutic sessions are required

Are there any significant side effects?

The laser treatment has only minimal side effects.Usually it is only odorless,pink coloured vaginal secretion and,in some cases,febrile response the first day following treatment.These effects are temporary and disappear within 2 days.

How long is the recovery time?

The healing time is very short,usually no longer than three days.

What are the post-treatment instructions?

It is recommended for the first three days after the treatment to avoid sexual intercourse,heavy physical exercise and sport activities,such as swimming or sauna.